Campaign Category: Feeding the Hungry

Kids Against Global Hunger India 1


Our plan is to open a Kids Against Hunger Global food packaging facility in Hyderabad to serve the children the high-nutrition they need.

Kids Against Hunger Israel


Influential contacts have been made, the ingredients have been approved, a location secured, and packaging has begun. We are on the way to end global hunger in Israel

Boxes Piled High

Syrian Refugees

Food has been shipped twice times into a refugee camp on the Israeli/Syrian border, where hundreds of thousands of refugees fled the war into Syria.

children on south dakota indian reservation holding food packages from kahg

Native American Reservations

The Native American reservations of South Dakota are the second poorest area in the Western Hemisphere. Our project sends food and warm winter clothing/blankets.

Mexican child waiting on food packaging supplies from KAHG


We have worked in Mexico since 2003, when we began sending in Christmas gifts and food, and we continue to send truckloads each year.

haitian child with a bowl of rice


Since 2008, we have been feeding children in Haiti, feeding thousands of children each day, as well as other feeding programs. Millions of meals have been distributed in this impoverished country, now the sixth poorest in the world.

Kids Against Hunger Loading the truck Joplin

Fill a 40-Foot Container

Provide food to hungry children globally with your donation to help fill a 40-foot container containing 285,000 highly-nutritious meals for children in need.

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General Campaign

You can help Kids Against Hunger Global provide meals and food packaging to hungry children throughout the world by donating to our general campaign.