Emergency Disaster Relief

We respond to natural disasters to provide food to the hungry

Feeding Disaster Victims

Helping those Devastated by Disaster

— Crisis Response

When a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or drought makes access to everyday necessities, such as basic meals and subsistence, we are there.  We provide much-needed food supplies to affected areas.

group of relief workers unloading supplies off of a plane

Whether Natural or Man-Made, When Disaster Strikes, We're There to Help Provide Meals

view of hurricane from space 1


In 2017, Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, TX as a category 4 storm.  We responded by providing much needed food resources.

water to house eaves as a result of hurricane harvey flood


Both during floods and after the waters recede, Kids Against Hunger Global meet immediate needs of victims by supplying food packages.

street view after an earthquake


When violent earthquakes shook Mexico, hindering the locals’ access to basic needs, such as food, we shipped food to meet them in their time of need.


support us and help meet basic nutritional needs for disaster victims