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Together We Can Put an End to Global Hunger

Together, We Can Put an End to

— Global Hunger

Every second a person dies of hunger

Currently, over 1 billion people suffer from hunger.  This means that 1 in 6 people lack the minimal amount of food required to live.  Unless we act, that means 36 million people will die this year due to hunger. 

Every 5 seconds, a child under 5 dies of hunger related causes

This means that 40,000 children die somewhere in the world each day from starvation or malnutrition-related diseases.



Kids Against Hunger Food Preperation

Our Mission is to end

While We Serve Globally, Our Concentration is on the Following Areas:

primative house in haiti


Kids Against Hunger Global has made Haiti a top priority in the feeding program.  At 1976 calories per person, per day, Haiti is one of the most malnourished countries in the world.  For reference, food availability in the United States is measured to be about 3,750 calories per person each day.

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Approximately 53 percent of Mexico’s population is poor and lives on less than $2 per day, while close to 24 percent is extremely poor and lives on less than $1 per day. These families are “foodinsecure,” meaning they cannot meet even their most basic nutritional needs for some or all of the year.

kids against hunger global volunteer feeding the homeless in oklahoma

United States

According to USDA, more than 41 million Americans face hunger. This number includes nearly 13 million children. The hunger epidemic especially affects households with children led by single women and people living below the poverty level. In addition, 25% have incomes that make them ineligible for any form of federal food assistance.

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