There Are Close to a Billion People Living in Hunger

Kids Against Hunger Global exists to reduce those numbers

We Do this by Providing a High-Nutrition Food that is Packaged by Volunteer Youth and Community Groups.

About Kids Against Hunger Global

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Kids Against Hunger Global, Inc is a 501C3 non-profit organization.

Volunteers and organizations team up with us to package highly-nutritious food and distribute right here in Oklahoma and around the USA.

We work with missionaries, humanitarian organizations and other partners around the world to get this much needed food into the hands to those who need it most.

To date, Kids Against Hunger Global has distributed over 14 million of our specially formulated foods to starving families in more than 80 countries.


— Our Mission

The mission of Kids Against Hunger Global, Inc. of Tulsa, OK, is to significantly reduce the number of hungry children in the U.S. and to feed starving children around the globe.

We do this by providing a high-nutrition food that is packaged by volunteer youth and community groups.

We work with other Christian organizations to make sure the Gospel of Jesus Christ is delivered along with the food, thus feeding the spirit as well as the body.


— Our Approach

The approach of KAHG is different from other feeding programs who only seek to fill a child’s stomach.

We use the highest nutrition possible, believing that the children are worth it, and deserve the best that we can give them.

Our food feeds the brain, as well as the body, enabling the children to go to school and learn, and thus, reach their highest potential.


— Our Work

To date, KAHG projects have distributed over 14 million meals of our specially formulated food to hungry children in the United States and to malnourished and starving children in over 80 countries around the world. 

We are quick to reach out to areas that have suffered natural disasters, economic hardships, and refugee areas where living conditions are unstable and unsafe.


Marshall and Sherry Horn, Founders

When two paths crossed approximately 20 years ago, what seemed like an ordinary coincidence, set in motion a series of events that have provided over ten million meals to hungry children.

Marshall Horn was a businessman in Tulsa, OK. By chance, he met Richard Proudfit, a Minnesota businessman and the two, “just clicked pretty well,” according to Marshall Horn.

It was nothing short of providence that connected these two however. In 1999, Richard Proudfit founded Kids Against Hunger, an organization that served to provide food for children around the world.

Shortly after that meeting, Marshall was asked to join the International Board of Directors for the organization, and in 2006, he and his wife started a Tulsa Kids Against Hunger Global chapter.

“We just fell in love with his vision and what they were doing and wanted to be a part of it.” Sherry Horn said.

Since its inception, Kids Against Hunger Global of Tulsa has distributed more than 14 million meals. Approximately half is shipped overseas to developing countries, areas suffering natural disasters or countries affected by war.

Half of the food is distributed overseas to poor countries such as Haiti, while half of it stays in the U.S. In a single year KAHG has provided over 535,000 meals to local food banks.

marshall and sherry horn in haiti


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